Deron Williams has always had a taste for travel, from offseason trips with his family to a lockout spent playing in Turkey, but there are plenty of places remaining on D-Will’s bucket list and in his post-playing career, he’s taken every opportunity to start crossing some off.

The latest was Iceland as Deron and his wife Amy took the trip across the Atlantic Ocean with some friend’s celebrating one friend’s milestone birthday.

During their week-long trip, Deron and Amy took in some breathtaking views and amazing experiences, including the Blue Lagoon, waterfalls and geysers.

This trip may not have happened if not for one of Deron’s friend’s 50th birthday celebration, which was the reason for Deron and his wife, Amy, making the trip to the beautiful country.

But Deron had always wanted to check out the blue lagoon, so while he was over in Iceland, he of course had to take a swim despite the chilly weather.

For Deron’s first trip to Iceland, he sure did plenty of sight-seeing, and the country certainly has plenty of views to take in.

The vacation is over, but the memories from the trip will last forever for Deron, Amy and their friends.