Former NFL and New York Giants punter, Steve Weatherford, joined the latest episode of Ballers and Brawlers to chat with Deron about their time in college together, a candid conversation about Colin Kaepernick, some of his favorite memories from his Super Bowl championship run in 2012 and life after football.

The two friends go all the way back to their college years at the University of Illinois, where Deron played basketball while Weatherford played both football and track. Weatherford went on to play 10 seasons in the NFL and was part of the Super Bowl XLVI champion Giants that defeated the New England Patriots.

Weatherford describes the team dynamics and chemistry of his Super Bowl team that barely made the playoffs during that season, but really turned it on and built confidence after defeating the defending champion Green Bay Packers, who had entered the game with a 15-1 record.

Weatherford and Deron also had a thoughtful, constructive discussion about the NFL’s national anthem debate that was sparked by Colin Kaepernick, considering the effects of the stances of players like Kaepernick, and Weatherford gives his perspective from inside an NFL locker room during all of it.

Weatherford shares some of his favorite memories of playing in the NFL, including a story about Victor Cruz, and he discusses what he has been up to since retiring from the league.