Deron Williams talked about the upcoming Super Bowl on the latest episode of his podcast, Ballers and Brawlers.

Deron talked to his cohosts about which sport is the hardest to win a championship in. There were a variety of factors that went into the discussion, including team sports versus individual sports:

“You see in team sports – LeBron James doesn’t win the championship every year. But you take him off that team and they have no chance of winning a championship. When you go to individual sports, you don’t have to worry about this guy partying and this guy not pulling his weight because it’s on me” Deron said.

Deron also gave his hope for Sunday’s game.

“I’m a Steelers fan so I’m hoping the Patriots lose so they don’t get six [championships] and tie the Steelers.”

To listen to more, go here and download Episode 23 – Featuring Jessica Eye.