Deron Williams talked to actor and podcast host Michael Rapaport on the latest episode of his podcast, Ballers and Brawlers.

Deron talked to Rapaport about the impact of Donald Trump and how his six year old son knows who he is and “would not choose him again.” Rapaport had this to say about the Trump and the subjectivity of athletic reputations:

“It’s crazy that it would even be a conversation to have with a six year old. I’ll throw this at you too Deron, probably the other biggest argument… in team sports, is LeBron better than Michael [Jordan]? Is LeBron better than Kobe? And it’s almost like saying ‘Who is your favorite rapper?’ because it’s so subjective.”

Rapaport also gave his take on violent sports in our era.

“For me, being the age I am… I have no problem with it. At the end of the day, you want the players to be safe. I don’t like seeing guys get knocked out, I do like seeing hard hits and seeing the person receiving hard hits pop up and keep going. I don’t wish harm on any athlete… I’m cool with the game being a little bit less physical and the guys walking away safe.”

To listen to more, go here and download Episode 22 – Featuring Michael Rapaport.