Deron Williams talked to Diesel Dave of the hit Discovery Channel show “Diesel Brothers” on the latest episode of his podcast, Ballers and Brawlers.

Diesel Dave restores diesel trucks for use in elaborate tricks and stunts, but before the TV show, Dave got fame from playing a prank on Deron’s cohost, Johnny Riche. The prank went viral and was featured on Jay Leno’s late night TV show.

“Somebody at the Discovery [Channel] must’ve seen that Prank You Very Much segment on Jay Leno because they started calling us. Being a prank segment, we thought we were being pranked by someone who wanted to film a show about our shop so we ignored it for a long time until finally they just sent them out to our shop. Discovery had hired a production company to film our show. Once they showed up, we knew they were serious and it’s been a whirlwind ever since,” Diesel Dave said.

Deron asked about his interest in UFC or boxing, considering the show’s title, and Diesel Dave had this to say:

“I love the UFC, I watch boxing every once in a while but once the UFC came into play it was hard to keep watching boxing. People are just getting knocked out left and right in the UFC.”

To hear more, go here and download Episode 20 – Diesel Dave from the Diesel Brothers.