Most of the world identifies Deron Williams as a basketball player.

But as D-Will revealed in a recent feature by Bleacher Report, playing in the NBA is only one dimension of his life.

Right now, as he waits to see whether or not he’ll join an NBA team this season, Deron is perfectly content to be a father, husband and mixed martial arts enthusiast. As written in BR:

He has more time to be around his wife and four kids, the eldest of whom, daughter Danae, started high school this year. It is the stability he has been yearning for after playing for three teams in the past three years.

The article also details Deron’s podcast, Ballers and Brawlers.

He also monitors and manages his multiple business ventures, from his upscale MMA gym in Dallas, Fortis MMA, to his stake in Rockwell Watches, to his real estate properties…Every week or so, Deron records an MMA/sports podcast called Ballers and Brawlers with two friends he made during his Utah days.

If he never returns to the hardwood as a professional athlete, D-Will can live with it.

“Basketball doesn’t define me as a person. If this is my last season or I’m done playing basketball at this point, I feel like I could look back and say I had a great career,” Williams said. “Not many guys get to play 12 years in the NBA and win gold medals and get to compete for a championship. So, I got a lot to be proud about.”

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