New Nets Offense Suits D-Will Well

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As the Brooklyn Nets began training camp over the weekend, the focus was on a new system being installed by new head coach Lionel Hollins.

But for Deron Williams, the system isn’t all that unfamiliar.

During the offseason, Hollins spent time offseason studying the offense Utah utilized by Jerry Sloan when D-Will was with the Jazz, and the new Nets coach has introduced many of those concepts into the offense he’s installing in Brooklyn.

“He has definitely incorporated some of Utah’s offense into what he’s doing here, but some of his stuff as well,” No. 8 said. “So it’s similar, but different.”

Nets guard Jarrett Jack even noted that D-Will is so familiar with the look of the scheme that he has been helping his teammates comprehend the ins and outs of the system Hollins has implemented.

“He’s helping walk a lot of people through it who aren’t familiar with it,” Jack said after Monday’s practice. “He knows a lot of tricks and little backdoors to it.”

Deron noted that, so far, the tenor of training camp has presented two specific goals for the Nets to achieve as they attempt to get ready for the season.

“We put in some offense, and just forming good habits really,” he said. “I think that’s what this training camp is about, forming habits on both ends of the floor and coming together as a team, as one unit, as quickly as possible.”

But for D-Will, familiarity with the system is a welcome change of pace. Over his three-and-a-half seasons with the Nets, the franchise has turned over a coach nearly every year.

Particularly, since the team parted ways with coach Avery Johnson early in the 2012-13 season, the franchise has run through coaches at a staggering clip with interim coach P.J. Carlesimo giving way to Jason Kidd last season and then Kidd’s departure for Milwaukee forcing another move. Deron is hopeful that the latest hire, Hollins, will bring some stability to the team.

“It’s the fourth

[coach] in three years,” he said. “So maybe this will be the right voice. Hopefully, it’s the right voice.”

Hollins has discarded the principles implemented by Kidd last season, when the Nets struggled out of the gate but found their rhythm late in the season before a second round playoff ouster at the hands of the Miami Heat.

When he was hired, Hollins made a commitment to starting fresh and continued to work along those lines as camp opened.

“We’re trying to develop a foundation of what we’re going to be defensively, and what we’re trying to be offensively. It’s all the same. It’s not like I have some special magic that I’m trying to get them to do,” Hollins said. “You create a mentality, you create a culture of being aggressive and being tough. Anything you do in life, it’s all about doing it every day until it becomes who you are.”

New coach Lionel Hollins is implementing a total reboot for the 2014-15 Brooklyn Nets (Getty Images).

Hollins believes that starts with forging a new identity for his squad in the days before the season even begins. He spoke to the media about his plan and vision for the franchise and how he plans to implement principles that will become habits for his squad. The coach also noted that the Nets personnel at the start of this season will be fairly different from how the team ended the 2013-14 season, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to begin anew.

“I wasn’t trying to watch what they did because it’s really not the same team and what I want to do is different from what they did in the past,” Hollins said. “So, it wasn’t like I was trying to figure out what they did (last season). I had a vision of what this team could look like with the personnel we have.”

Although all the talk around the team has been about the offense, D-Will believes that the team will create the identity Hollins sees in them on the other end of the floor, and if they don’t it won’t matter what offense they run because without a sound defense, they will come up short once again.

“We gotta be a defensive-minded team first,” Williams said. “We wanna push the ball. We wanna be a tough team. And we just gotta play with a lot of energy, a lot of passion for the game. We’ve gotta believe that we can win every time we step on the floor. I think we’re a veteran group and we realize that we have to be a good defensive team if we wanna win, point blank.”


While Hollins is focused on cultivating a successful team in Brooklyn, not just one successful player, he also made it clear in some of his opening statements that the principles he’s putting into action for the Nets are designed to best utilize his star point guard and put No. 8 in position to be successful.

“I just want Deron to play good basketball,” Hollins said. “There are a lot of expectations on him. I don’t know the reasons why – the status he had when he was playing here, the contract. Whatever it may be, Deron Williams is a very good basketball player and Deron Williams is going to prove that this year with this team. And you guys are going to love him. Or respect him.”

But the way Hollins feels about Deron in that regard is not unique.

The Brooklyn coach believes the same can be said about every player on the roster from top to bottom, and is encouraging each of them to learn and thrive in the roles he has set forth for them.

“I just want him to do his job as I want each individual to do their jobs. It seems like, from what I’m gathering from people around is that it’s about Deron. If Deron doesn’t do this, we can’t win. If Deron doesn’t play, he’s hurt. It’s not about Deron. It’s about the Brooklyn Nets and this whole team. Deron’s a big part of it, as well as Joe is, as well as Brook is, as well as all these young guys that are on our team.”

Brooklyn's core four is back, but new coach Lionel Hollins plans utilize the quartet differently this season.

After a few days of practice under Hollins, Deron is feeling not only as healthy as he has in years, but also as confident. He admitted once again this week that the ankle injuries that plagued him last year were a deterrent both physically and mentally.

Hollins told reporters that he believes what happened to D-Will last year was human nature.

“To say that nobody has doubt, nobody ever thinks that things are not gonna work out are untrue because we’re all human and we’re not perfect humans,” the Nets coach said. “So I really would hope that as we go along that you guys — we’re talking about embracing (expectations) or not embracing — I would hope you guys would embrace Deron for his play on the court and that be all it is without the expectations that he’s supposed to.

For his part, D-Will noted that the offseason surgery on his ankles has allowed him to put those concerns from last season behind him and look ahead with confidence.

“I’m healthy. When you can walk, you can run, it feels pretty good. You can’t attack the rim when you can’t jump. There’s a reason I had one dunk on the year, and I don’t know if it even counts as a dunk,” he said. “I psyched myself out of a lot of games last year. [But ] I’m not worried about last year. Last year is behind us. This is a new year, new team, new day.”

But although he is looking ahead, Deron isn’t about to make any predictions for the coming season. Instead he has placed a renewed emphasis on playing the game he loves to the best of his ability, and having fun at it again.

“I just got to get back to playing basketball, man. Y’all want me to predict what the hell’s going to happen this whole year, I’m just going to go out and play basketball, have fun, that’s all it’s about, man. Just having fun.”



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